Cara, iSideSleep Body Pillow 68 Inches Long with Revolutionary Ergonomic Design user

In my opinion there is no other pillow that is this functional and comfortable on the market.

“This body pillow was a MUST while I was pregnant. If you have ever been, or are pregnant you know that sleep can be mostly elusive when you are in the later months due to simply being huge and uncomfortable. This body pillow allowed me to stay in a side sleeping position comfortably for long periods of time instead of tossing and turning. Also, even though I am no longer pregnant, I can't sleep without it! In my opinion there is no other pillow that is this functional and comfortable on the market.”

Elaine, iSideSleep Body Pillow 68 Inches Long with Revolutionary Ergonomic Design user

This is a great buy.

“This pillow is amazing! Excellent fabric, construction and design. I like that I can fold it in half and put behind my back or under my knees when sitting up in bed. No need to buy a pillow case since the pillow inserts are removable and the cover thrown in the washing machine. The thickness is adjustable by removing one or more pillow inserts. It worked best for me when I removed one of the inserts. The unique design has a flat section that allows the pillow to be wrapped around the body. This is a great buy!”

Anna Marie Townsend, Mattress user

Osteoarthritis in all my joints and my spine

“The first night passed and instant relief for the shoulders. The third day not only my neck and shoulders had experienced a pain free night but I got out of bed without even realizing at first, my hips and low back was no longer hurting, now that is major! I had early onset of Osteoarthritis in all my joints and my spine, along with other injuries I had even been in a wheelchair. I had progressed to a walker because the pain was so intense I couldn't walk alone. Pain medicines, anti-inflammatory, topical pain medicines, physical therapy I used it all. I am thankful to more intense pain, my neck & shoulders & back & hips are all much better due to a pain free sleep system. It may have been created for just the neck and shoulders but it has improved my mobility with my back and hips. To be able to get a full nights rest, pain free, and wake to a day of mobility is because of you and the sleep system. THANK YOU ”

Robert Njegovan, Therapeutic Mattress user

Snoring,shoulder and back pain

“I had the great luck to be a trial customer for this device and it has changed my life! No more snoring. No more back-aches that I thought were just getting old and no more chronic shoulder and neck stingers from sleeping on my arms all night. Thanks!”

Lionel Marshall, Topper user

Sleep issues

“John, after 4 days on the topper i have slept approx 40 hours during that period of time. I normally sleep 6-7 hours a night, amazing. I feel so much better, it’s a great product.”

Julius Nagy, Squire Sleep System user since January 2011

Male 50's Sleep Apnea,shoulder and back pain.

"Amazing" "I really like it"

"Doing research in the bedding industry for four years showed me that many of our sleep difficulties are caused by the beds in which we sleep.  Whether old or new, the design of a bed is a compromise between our need to have a sleep surface, and the ability to easily mass produce and transport mattresses and foundations.  Millions of dollars are spent every year in a effort to tweak our beds so that we can have the most restful night of sleep possible, and most of that money is wasted.

The Squire Sleep System (SSS) has brought an end to my search for a better night of sleep.  I sleep through the night.  I awake without the back pain I used to have. I awake refreshed and ready to face the day.  I give most of the credit for my now superior sleep to not sleeping on my shoulder, which the SSS is designed to allow.  By comfortably resting my head on my pillow, and not some combination of my pillow and my shoulder, I feel that I am hardly tossing and turning at all during the night, and that means a higher quality of sleep for me."

Former "Director of New Product Development" at the Sealy Corporation Julius C. Nagy, Ph.D.

Pat McPherson Squire Sleep System user since 2009

Woman 60's. Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia. CPAP registering 2.1 hours of sleep in the week previous to sleeping on the SSS.

"I have the most comfortable bed in the world, and I'll never give it up. It's changed my life"

"I have never registered 7.6 hours of sleep on the CPAP in the 4 years on the machine. Over the weekend I believe I got 3 nights with 9+ hours each.  My weekly average for the past 7 days was over 7 hours...........just unheard of for me. Terrific"

"Hi John.  just checking in to let you know that the bed continues to be great. "

Pat McPherson-Educator  

Bryce Stevens Squire Sleep System user since October 2010

Male 40's. Shoulder/arm pain, chronic lower back pain requiring regular therapy and pain medication.

"I am a beta tester of the Squire Sleep Systems bed.  Before I started using this bed I was doing a long series of leg and back stretches every morning and night that my chiropractor had suggested.  It worked well enough to keep me from needing regular chiropractic adjustments but if I stood for too long during the day or if I forgot to do my stretches I would have serious lower back pain.  Every morning I woke up with pain and had to stretch it away.  Now (and I am as serious as I can be) my lower back problems are gone and I don't have to stretch my legs and back to survive the day.  I love going to bed now and I sleep very soundly.  I'm running with my dog in the mornings and feeling great.  I will recommend this bed to anyone with back problems.  Thank you SSS!!" Unbelievable"

Bryce Stevens - Founder & Adventure Athlete  

Margaret Montsaroff Sleeping on the Squire Sleep System since Sept 2009

Woman 40's. Scoliosis, Shoulder pain (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome), Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, loss of feeling in arm/hand during sleep (Paresthesia), Hip and back pain while sleeping.

"Thank you again for the well-being of my shoulders/arms. The Squire Sleep System stopped the cycle of good-ergonomics-during-the-day-reversed-by-painful-side-sleeping-at-night."

Margaret Montsaroff-Executive  

Michelle Casebeer Squire Sleep System user since July 2010

Woman 20's, Pregnant 5 1/2 months at start, Shoulder pain (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome), loss of feeling in arm/hand during sleep (Paresthesia), Hip and back pain while sleeping. 2-4 hours of very restless sleep per night.

"The first night on the Sleep System was great, and the second night was even better"

"Last night I didn’t wake up once! I was actually almost late for work this morning because I did not want to get out of bed!"

"I have to say that I cannot wait until this product is on the market! When it is, I will tell everyone I know about how it gave me my nights back when I was pregnant!"

Michelle Casebeer - Apartment Building Manager

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