Prefer sleeping on your side but just can’t get comfortable on a flat mattress?

Think about it.  A traditional flat mattress is fine for sleeping on your back, but just wasn’t designed for sleeping on your side.  

Unlike traditional mattresses, the contoured shape of the iSideSleep Therapeutic Mattress removes stress on the arm and shoulder joints allowing you to sleep comfortably on your side.  The revolutionary arm channel facilitates a wide variety of arm and shoulder positions allowing you to find the perfect sleep position for you. And the gentle incline helps lengthen and align your spine and neck.

iSideSleep delivers comfortable side sleeping like no other mattress.  

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Kyle P. Florida Business Owner – iSideSleep Mattress user since March 2013

I continue to use the iSideSleep every night. I am getting a better nights sleep because I'm more comfortable...for sure, the SSS makes a difference in my sleep quality.  Since I received my iSideSleep Mattress, I don't have any problems with my lower back or my hip alignment what-so-ever. I have been experiencing a much more somber sleep experience every night because my shoulders aren't crunched and my arms are getting a balance of blood flow so there is no more numbing of the arms and hands....amazing. It sure feels comfortable lying on top of it even while watching TV or working on the laptop. I love this iSideSleep Mattress. So worth my investment. I almost want to call it the Super Side Sleeper. I'm so hooked. If you are a side sleeper, check this thing out!

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