Get instant relief from back and neck pain! 

Align your spine with iSideSleep.

Do you experience back or neck pain while sleeping on a traditional flat bed?

The iSideSleep Therapeutic aligns your spine and neck to give you the pain relief you seek.

The contoured shape of the iSideSleep Therapeutic Mattress removes stress on the arm and shoulder joints allowing you to sleep comfortably on your side.  The revolutionary arm channel facilitates a wide variety of arm and shoulder positions allowing you to find the perfect sleep position for you.   And the gentle incline helps lengthen and align your neck and spine.

Stop twisting and contorting your body on a flat mattress and start sleeping pain-free with iSideSleep.

Traditional flat mattresses curve and contort the spine.

iSideSleep aligns the spine for a restful sleep.












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– iSideSleep Mattress user since 2009
Sleep related issues: Male 30’s, chronic neck pain and chronic shoulder pain
“In my normal bed, I always had issues finding a comfortable sleep position. I would have terrible chronic neck pain that would pop up every couple of months when I slept on it wrong. The pain would cause my neck to hurt and hard to move for many days each time. I am essentially pain free since I’ve been using iSideSleep.”


The iSideSleep Chief Medical Officer, Lee A. Surkin MD, FACC, FCCP, FASNC is board certified in sleep medicine, cardiology and nuclear cardiology. Lee A. Surkin M.D is also founder of the American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine, highlighting the important connection between heart-health and sleep.




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