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Re-inventing the bed.

iSideSleep has re-invented the bed to transform the lives of millions suffering from serious health issues. We’ve developed a patented solution to the age old problem of how to sleep comfortably on your side. We reverse engineered the concept of the sleep surface by making the surface fit the side of the human body and eliminate pressure points on the body. The patented arm channel eliminates stress on the arm and shoulder joint reducing pain for the 70% of people that are side sleepers. Our technology is a platform capable of delivering revolutionary “Positional Therapy” for a wide variety of sleep related health problems. Our products include a fully adjustable mattress and mattress topper.

Invention Story

Twelve years ago, John Schultz was having a tough time with shoulder pain. He was training for triathlons and battering his body along the way. At night, when he should have been giving himself a break with restorative sleep, he’d toss and turn with pain and numbness from lying on his injured limbs. “I started asking myself why my mattress didn’t fit my body,” he says. “Why did my body have to conform to the mattress surface? Why didn’t the surface conform to my body?”

He then did what anybody unable to get a good night’s rest would—he looked for a way, any way, to get some sleep. He bought foam at a local store and placed it strategically on the mattress to relieve the pressure on his body.Four years later, still unhappy with his nighttime repose, he decided to look at the problem from another angle. Read more .... 


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